September 01, 2006

August Rumble

My cake turned out...and by turned out I mean it was what it was suppose to be...which was a chocolate-peanutbutter-rootbeer-grape-preserves concoction...or as the recipe said:


Anyway,the gettogether was a success even though Steve said he was having seconds only because "he was really hungry"....and obviously NOT because the concoction actually tasted good.
Oh well.

*I* didnt make up the rule about "trying something different" ;-)

In other news, at coffee this morning I found out that my father ( and Steve) where Trekies when they were in Seminary. And not only THAT they actually went so far as to go to a StarTrek convention...
And after I had laughed in disbelief and had asked him if I could tell my blog about it-he went even further to say that, yes I COULD talk about it-because it was one of the HIGHLIGHTS of their time living in Dallas.


At least I now know why there wasnt even the slightest bit of HOPE of me being COOL growing up! Dorkiness rules this gene pool. Which explains a LOT about why I like what I like. hehehe.

In other important news, today is the official day of my Football Raffle Drawing. So, thats why I feel sick to my stomache.

We are about to OFFICIALLY loose upwards of six hundred dollars ( that's subtracting the three hundred dollars that *I* personally sold )...honestly, what a lovely way to end the first month at my job :-P

With all sarcasm intended.

But, yes, it is finally over....the longest month in the HISTORY OF MONTHS. I mean, HONESTLY...August has dragged out unto eternity. I was actually thinking of becoming an "end times follower" or something else cult related-because I really did feel like August was IT. And that I would not live to SEE another September.

But, I did.
And I have NEVER EVER been so happy to see September come. What's that annoying song about "when september ends"? or something? Its one of those whiny emo bands...well, anyway....If it had been about August I would have totally bought the CD.

Ok! So, now that I'm through getting that clear about the length of August. I have torn off my August desk calendar... And crumpled it up with great to-do and I am looking at a BEAUTIFUL CLEAN SLATE.
Maybe this month I will actually ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING at work....maybe we'll actually MAKE SOME MONEY instead of Loose it...and MAYBE just MAYBE I wont be in pain for an ENTIRE MONTH.

See? Just modest requests.

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