September 08, 2006


There are times ( more than I want to admit) when I find myself "figuring everything out" before they happen...tonight was one of them.

I totally went into this evening with one mindset ( which I'm ashamed to say was, "at least it'll make a good story") and I came out of it with something TOTALLY better. I was blessed by some totally fantastic new people.

When I got in my car this is what I said to God ( God and I had been talking rather dramatically on the drive much so in fact, that I had to stop myself when I got to red lights so that other drivers wouldnt think I was crazy) annnnyway, what I said to God when I got BACK in the car was...


I was totally put in my place. I'm still not sure what I was suppose to learn exactly...but I have been humbled. significantly.

Edit: Ok, so I went back and read what I just wrote-and for some reason it seems to have a "negative" tinge to it...when really, I was humbled by how my little teeny tiny view of what God can do-well...its teeny tiny...and sometimes, I'm reminded with a night like tonight, where unlooked for grace was all around- I am SOOO glad God is in charge of my life....He writes a MUCH better story than I!

At Bible Study this past week, the girls and I talked about Eve...I had them discribe the garden of eden for me...and I shared with them, my childhood view of the garden ( it had a little stream with a bridge over case you're wondering)-Anyway, I then had them go back and read the verse that discribes the garden again-and how there are HOW many rivers ( big rivers) flowing out of that garden?! So, obviously it was much much grander than any of our little imaginations could produce- It was a good reminder for me that so very often our view of the Goodness and Glory of God is seriously lacking......I think tonight was yet another example.

PS. I think the Peach Tea I was served was had caffine. So I guess I have allllll night to figure out what I was suppose to learn ;-)

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