September 09, 2006

Social Qualms

My sister and I were born with a Social Conscious like no other. I'm just assuming we were born with it, because, I've always had it...and we pretty much ALWAYS agree on how "things should be". The frustrating thing is, it seems just about everyone else does not follow our social guidelines.

Oh, we've pretty much gotten use to one need worry that they are offending us or anything...because we dont really get offended its more like we marvel at how things could be SO DIFFERENT from how they SHOULD BE ( aka. what we think they should be).


Anna, could be mad at me for outing her like this...I should go back and take her out of the equation. Oh well. HA!

Annnyway, the reason I bring this up is I've been thinking about how I've almost let "social connotations" almost ruin a perfectly good time. Its true. I'm infinintly worried about what others will think. Who knew that I cared so much?
( you probably blog is FULL my of eccentric ways..)

Well, I dont care what people thing about everything...but definitely CERTAIN things.

Being a girl really stinks sometimes. I have no idea how to proceed in the "proper way"....IS there a proper way? I always thought there was, but now that I'm HERE....I realize its not so cut and dry. I've always been the one giving the advice-why cant I just give MYSELF advice?

To tell you the truth I'm kinda shocked that I'm so totally clueless...I mean, I've been alive for 22 years, nine months and 17 days....that seems like plenty of time to get the "social rules for all occasions" down. Apparently, I was wrong....I have a couple of occasions left... I think its going to take a least a couple more days.


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