September 05, 2006

Peace Like a River...

I sat down to write this post tonight...I was trying to think of how to discribe time with God...and that line from the hymn " It is well with my Soul" came into my head...just that one line:

"when peace, like a river, attendeth my way"

There is something about the Peace of God, it does kinda just ROLL over you like a river...because honestly, I was NOT in the mood to be peaceful ( just ask Carmi, she was the lucky recepient of the "ranting email" )...but then it came...and covered up all the unrest.

And, as is the new constant pattern of my life. I have no great revelation. I have no new miracle cure. I am the same girl. I have the same emotions. I have the same flaws I had an hour ago.
I guess the only difference is that for a moment my eyes have readjusted.

Ok, one more time....

"I'll hang on to you, because you're stronger and you keep me from falling...
And I'll hang on to you, nothing in this world will see me through,
Only you...." ~ Delirious

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