September 05, 2006

The Tuesday that dressed up like Monday...

I looooooved having yesterday off from work. It was like the Saturday that never happened. Or something.

But, the problem with having monday off is that Tuesday and Wednesday ( and thursday and friday for that matter) sort of sneak up on you...and work becomes...ummm...stressful.

Or, maybe, its because I'm working really hard on having a new mindset about work? Maybe that's what it is. Its like you are sure as heck going to be attacked on the day you decide to make a change... But, whatever the case-today has been interesting. And in about thirty minutes its going to be REALLY interesting:

I am going to be interviewed on NISDTV.

I dont even know what channel that actually plays on! hahaha! But, MAAAAAN! I've obviously hit the big time.
The thing is, when I got dressed this morning I kinda forgot about the whole "you are going to be on TV today" thing-so, I'm kinda not really looking particularly cute. My hair is actually kinda gross...and I'm wearing my glasses.
Fantastic. Maybe all of these gross factors will make me look "older". More responsible, kinda like "she's obviously so busy working that she doesnt take care of her physical appereance."
Yup, something like that.

I also wrote a newspaper piece on....wait for it....myself. Its fantastic...I quoted myself and everything. You think I'm kidding. I'm not.
Hopefully it'll be in the Daily Sentinel sometime this soon as I get my picture taken.
Honestly, you'd think I was marketing MYSELF today...but its more like, I'm marketing myself for the betterment of the Alumni Association...seeee? it all makes sense now.
You obviously didnt study marketing like I did(nt).

Anyway, I just wanted to say "hi" to my two readers. Or at least the two that commented ( one via email)...I was starting to get sad, since I'd written a good FIVE posts since anyones actually commented....I dont just do this for KICKS people!
( actually I do).

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