September 22, 2006

A very large-multi-national-village

Ok, I admit it...I've been NOTSOGOOD at working this week...I mean, I've WORKED...but I wouldnt say it was ABOVE and/or BEYOND the call of duty. But, I'm not going to take credit...I blame other people for my total lack of work dedication.
So, at least I dont have to beat myself up about it ;-)

So, just now, while reading my emails I was reminded of something that I've thought about several times in the past few days. Apparently it takes a grand ol' village to raise this particular child ( me). And this is why God felt it was necessary to give me seven bestest friends.
I know, I couldnt particularly believe it either...but its true. And later, I was like...weeeelllll...maybe that's extreme maybe I should mentally cut some people out of the priority chain. Nope. Not possible.
And, like I said, reading my emails totally confirmed what I had already known was true....they're all different. And all equally important.
For instance, you tell these seven people the same piece of news-and you're bound to get seven totally different responses.
Its fascinating.
And completely helpful. Its like you have fourteen extra eyes...
And seven people that you KNOW are praying for you-even when they dont know what they're praying about ( exactly).... So that's nice.

In other news, I was all strung out on drugs last night...stupid pain. What the heck is wrrrrrooooooonnnnnnnggggggg with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

In other news its almost the weekend. fabulous. :-)

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