September 25, 2006

It was beautiful...

I tried to post last night...since it had been WAY too long ( for me anyway). But I kept getting through the first sentence and then it would die....

It was for the best.

I had a minor freakout last night. It had probably been building for most of the day, but it inevitably waited for me to get really nice and tired ( i.e. defenses down) to really rear its ugly head.

But, you know what ELSE showed up at the exact same time as my freakout?!

Three friends.

~She'd been dealing with a good deal of heartache the past while, and let me tell you its AWFUL to feel a friends heartache and not be able to do anything but pray...and then the weekend came and Sunday came....and most importantly Peace came. As she told me what God was doing in her life...I saw more than just her words, I saw more than that...she's pretty much engulfed in God's Help at the moment...and its beautiful.

~She's a planner, she's beyond responsible, she's super good at playing it "safe". But, then God tells her to do something totally new....and not just THAT...He tells her to change almost everything-starting with her its her living situation, her professional plans. She's basically standing on the penicle waiting to take a big LEAP. I would be lying to say that she isnt a little bit scared. But, really, what is so amazing is that she isnt THAT scared....because even as she talks about her worries, you can still see it...she's pretty much engulfed in God's plan at the moment...and its beautiful.

~I'd been there two years ago ( has it been that long? Maybe longer)..she had been in the midst of it then...the tears, the victories, the frustrations. I pretty much had NO IDEA what she was going through-but I could listen, and give some God perspective every so often...and I could pray. And who knew it would bring us to now...a totally different ending that we'd expected. But, the ending was just the beginning. The Beginning is what I saw last night. The beginning of something much much great, but the best part is that even with the Newness...I saw how those prayers and tears of two years ago had been really really important....for about two seconds I saw the puzzle pieces....I saw how they all fit together for Good....and my! was beautiful.

I was reminded of the Bebo Norman's song "Borrow Mine"...last night I had to borrow the excitment and the beauty I saw in these lives...but today, as I write about it...I know...I know that its not just borrowed. It's mine too.

It'll be beautiful too.

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