September 27, 2006

windows wide open.

Yesterday I went home from work and watched like four straight episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Yes, I realize I deal with stress well. Denial is a beautiful thing.

I have a mosquito bite on my hand...right on that little place between your thumb and first finger...its driving me slowly insane. How did that even HAPPEN!? It must have been when I was asleep last night.

Which, I must say, I am LOOOOVING sleeping with my window's open ( though I'm thinking the screens arent keeping the bugs out like they should). It really makes all the difference in the world to good sleeping action.

Anna and I had a nice little sisterly-reunion last night...we probably hadnt hung out properly in days, which is SHOCKING for our little systems. ;-)
Anna has found quite the gem of a book which we spent a goodly amount of time pouring over and laughing till we had tears in our eyes...

One Special Summer is the handwritten/handdrawn account of Jackie and Lee Bouvier ( Jackie grew up to be the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy)'s first trip to Europe together at the age of 18 and 20 respectively....its fascinating because not only are they hilarious, but so very very normal. I kept thinking what they would both grow up and become and it kinda blows your mind.
Incidently, I am once again positive that with our powers combined Anna and I really SHOULD be some sort of creative powerhouse. The fact that we waste all of our powers on each other in the privacy of our homes...laughing till we cry...well that's a personal decision that we've chosen.
If you're in a bookstore and you have a chance to flip through this book...its a gem.

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