September 26, 2006


So, today was "blast from the past" dress-up day ( or something equally lamely titled) at the High School. Actually, every day this week is a different dressup day- I suppose its all in preparation for Homecoming on Friday night ( woo.). And somehow dressing up in costumes gives everyone the added boost they need.

But, whatever the reason, I was thinking about how times have changed- If I remember correctly, when *i* was in highschool...the cool kids all dressed up in clothes from the 70s. I mean, you just werent cool unless you were a hippie. But, nooooow...noooooow its pretty much the 80s. the eighties are everywhere ( expect for the adorable girl dressed up in the flapper dress from the 20s, and the "totally cool" guys who dressed up like disciples .

I hate the eighties.

Why are we bringing them back into fashion?!


But, all this talk about high school reminds me of something else....apparently I've blocked out WAAAAY more of high school than I thought. Seriously, its kinda freaking me out that I've forgotten so much of it. Of course, is it really good to torture ones self with all the really lame things that you did and said?!
No, probably not.

Which is why I tend to forget....

But I DOOOOO remember dressing up like a clown in the eighth grade ( 13-14yearsold) for no apparent reason except that "I was having a bad day". I bet you didnt know THAT about me, did you?!

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