October 23, 2006

Check it...

Wooo! Check it, we're down to WEEKS till my birthday! No more of this "one month and..."
Nooo waaaay.

Who's excited?!
But, it does make you kinda nostalgic for last year doesnt it? awww...yes, I know...I say go read ALL of my November 2005 archives for a little reminder why the year of "Abigail being two and twenty" was a good thing.

Anyway, speaking of calendars...i feel SO COOL this week, I have something going on every SINGLE night this week. I mean, SUUUURE some of its work related ( board meeting tomorrow night)...and some of its always there ( Bible study tonight, church on Wednesdaynight) but THAT doesnt keep me from still feeling waaaay coolness.

Speaking of cool ( wow, I havent had good luck with segues like this in forever...in fact, ever since I learned how to SPELL "segue" correctly I havent be able to use them).

I found out last night that I could be getting YET ANOTHER visitor from afar in the coming months. ( Louise?! REALLY?! I CANT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED THAT MAKES ME...eventhoughyoutoldmenottogetmyhopesupIcanthelpit)
My cup runneth over.

For REAL people, I dont know WHAT I did to deserve so much funess to look forward to, but seriously, its fabulous.

In other news, I need to go on my lunch break...which will pretty much include me going home to wash all the dishes that have piled high in my sink. Fuuuunnnn.

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