October 23, 2006

Recycle Rights

Umm...so I went home for my lunch break and sitting on my landlords patio chairs was a small stack of sprite cans...

my sprite cans...the ones that I threw away in my trash today ( its trash day and we ( my landlords and I) share a bin)..

How do I KNOW they are mine?! Well, because WHAT ARE THE ODDS that the week that I go through a serious "I love sprite" phase, my landlords would as well...and then they wouldnt put them in their normal recycling bags..but instead stack them on a patio chair...

Yup. That's what I thought too.

Smallish rant:
Sure, I'm ALLLLL about saving the planet. I really am, and really if I have the opportunity I'm also all about recycling. What I am NOT ABOUT is having my landlord GO THROUGH my garbage to collect recyclable items. NOOOO GOOOOOD. Its a VIOLATION of privacy for one thing...and for another thing...its gross.

Really gross.

I'm a totally passive-aggressive person, so I dont know if I'm up for my sister's idea of ASKING them if they would like me to start recycling...becaus that seems less passive and more embarrassing...I'm in shock.

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