October 06, 2006


...and I've been left with an overwhelming need to sleep. And sleep for ages and ages.

Brett is gone. Well, not GONE gone....he's just gone from HERE. He's headed off to Washington state for about a month...and then he'll be in Iraq for about 8 months....

So, I guess "gone" is pretty good and discriptive of how I feel about his state of being at the moment.

Ultimately, along with the general need to sleep, I'm pretty grateful to God for giving me a sense of the TRUTH on this one. The truth is, is that Brett's doing what he's suppose to do...and I'm doing what I'm suppose to do. And as long as we just do the will of God to the very best of our abilites than this will be fine.

Just fine.

So, here's how its going to be, readers, I'm going to be totally and completely honest with you-as much as I can- about all of this. I'm not going to lie to you. I'm not going to sugarcoat the truth. Because, ultimately I've always tried to make this blog as Real to Life as I possible could. And I will continue...

So, right now...I basically want to cry. Cry in expression of how totally UNFAIR I feel life is. But, also cry in expression of how grateful I am that my life is NOT in my hands. Thankgoodness.

So, yeah, I wont cry...because, I'm at work...and that is SO undignified..but I'm just letting you know.

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