October 07, 2006


This morning I woke up and my telephone was sitting on the floor in the doorway to my room...hmmmmmmmm....I've NEVER slept walked before, but HOW did it get there?!

AND you should have seen my HAIR! I mean, NORMALLY, I look positively gorgeous at the EXACT moment that I wake up ( HA!) but maaaan, today....I almost took a picture, it was sticking up ALL OVER... it was so funny.

Buuut, as much as I am in the habit of posting unflattering pictures of myself. I decided just to TELL you about it.

On my way home last night, I heard THE greatest advertisment on the radio....I nearly had a wreck I was so excited! Shawn McDonald is coming to Lufkin! WOOOOOOO! Next Tuesday night....I AM SO THERE!

If anyone wants to come with me, give me a hollar, otherwise, I am SO not above going by myself. I love Shawn's music...and I have ever since the fateful day that Lydia introduced his first CD to me.

Yesterday was probably NOT the best day I've ever had...but I've got the coolest family/friends ever and therefore it was probably 75% better than it would have been.
Coffee with Papa, Lunch with Anna, Shopping with Christa, Dinner with Middlebrook and Co., Phone conversations with Emma and Lydia, emails from Tabitha and Carmi....

I guess the thing is, is that while I am NOT HAPPY about the situation at hand-I still realize the beautiful blessings I have been given so that I can handle it anyway.

So that's good...

And, then I can just remember how happy I WAS...and still AM....and I figure it'll all be ok....

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