October 24, 2006

I win ( sorta).

So, today I did the only thing I COULD to get back at my landlords for going through my trash ( and if you read Emily's comment on my last post-she was scarily correct when it comes to what it was probably like)...I wrote about them in my weekly column for the Daily Sentinel.

Yup, I bet you didnt know that my landlord who now has the time to go through his lovely neighbor's trash was voted MOST HANDSOME in 1946.

I kid you not.

Annnnyway, we all change-and most of us for the better ;-) I am making a mental note to never ever care SO MUCH about recycling that I go through anyones discards...ew. Otherwise no one will care that I was ALMOST voted Wittiest my Senior class....*sigh*

So, lets talk about something far more interesting:

I got through today! Praise Jesus! I mean, SERIOUSLY:

FOUR MEETINGS back-to-back far to much for one girl....and I'm getting sick...its offical I have a sore throat and I have ulcers in my mouth that hurt, and my whole body aches ( especially my feet-but I blame that on the stupid heels that I wore all day...) so yes, I just downed another Airbourne cocktail ( of course, I dont know what to do with the Sprite can now that I'm through with it..)

So yes, I'm complaining...and I missed talking to Brett, which pretty much stinks since he didnt sound particularly chipper either-and wouldnt have WE made the happy pair on the phone?! We could have moaned in unison...and that would have been very relationship-building.

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