October 24, 2006

As I see it...

This morning I went into Java Jacks and I was handed my drink without having to order...sent on my way without having to pay ( this was because of a mix up with my paying yesterday...but besides the point). And then I talked to several other Java Jacks regulars on my way out the door.

It was not until was pulling out into traffic that I thought about how I actually have a "regular" coffee house-where everyone knows your name-and more importantly knows what my favorite drink is...that's really fantastic. Sometimes I like small towns.

Today, is going to be crazy busy. So busy, in fact, that I woke up BEFORE my alarm-all wired and ready to go...meetings, meetings, meetings...and I had NOTHING to wear! I decided fishnet stockings were cool, but not particularly "first-time-to-offically-meet-the-superintendent" material...so I went with pants instead.

In other news, I cant believe you people didnt feel that my landlords digging through my trash warranted comments! I mean, COME ON!!! This is totally "evil neighbor" material!! ( well, not quite...but dont you miss hearing about evil neighbor?! hehe)

Hey, so on a totally different note-this morning I was reading
Morning and Evening, and it was talking about the servantheart of Christ...and I was reminded of Sam from Lord of the Rings; this year I've pretty much decided to forgo my annual reading of the trilogy for reading the Chronicles of Narnia instead...but it really WOULD be great to go back and read the Lord of the Rings again, with the purpose of looking as Sam as a type of Christ...there as SOOO many good examples...Aragorn, Gandalf, Faramir...Frodo even...but I guess I had never seen Sam as having any characteristics of Christ...but reading about servanthood today...I thought about his sacrifical nature towards Frodo-even when Frodo didnt deserve it..was really quite amazing.

So yeah...

Talk amongst yourselves...

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