October 27, 2006

just go with it...

So, when the day started with a message on my work answering machine telling me that I had made a factual mistake in my newspaper article and "if you are going to write something in the paper you should take the time to get the facts right."
Followed by the person hanging up...

I pretty much had to make the CONSCIOUS decision to not have a bad day. I mean, right there....it was very very easy to be in a BAD mood all day.

But, it wasnt really bad...a lot of really nice unexpected blessings happened.

1. My old boss put a "christmas bonus" in my IRA bank account....for no reason but to be nice.
2. My new job gave me a raise to make my yearly income an "even number" back in August and it was finally put into affect today.
3. My landlord came by to apologize for telling me that I needed to "turn out lights" because turns out my electric bill wasnt all that hight afterall ( seeeeee? telling the world that he use to be the most handsome boy in high school musta worked for me! hahaha!)
4. Anna and I ate pizza and watched very indulgent TV...and laughed and talked...it was fun...as always.
5. The moon is a beautiful crescent at the moment...and its crisp and cool evening.
6. Tomorrow is Saturday and I'm going to a swimteam reunion....which should be interesting. ;-)

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