October 16, 2006

rain, family-redefined, holes

Makes it very VERY difficult to get up on a Monday morning..
Makes my feet cold, because they got very VERY wet walking from my car to my office.
Makes coffee IMPARATIVE to the day.

So, hey, its monday...and I'm eating stale cheerios ( one of the notsocool things about going out of town is that you dont go grocery shopping or have anyone to take out the garbage in the rain...oh wait...the last one has nothing to do with going out of town...but everything to do with living alone. hehe).
Does anyone ELSE want to go home right NOW?!

Maybe once I finish my coffee I'll have a new lease on life ;-)

So, let's talk more about my weekend...it was perfect,and you want to know something strange? I think it made it nicer that Corey was there for the weekend too...it reminded me that I am not the ONLY one that finds a great deal of solace in the Abt house...that even though I hung out with my cousin, Ryan, there were the other boys there who are practically family...and while they probably think nothing of me at all: I remember them when they were freshmen in high school and now they're doing cool things like engineering and firefighting...Why, they've GROWN UP! It is SUPER encouraging to see that, its encouraging to see what God has done in their lives. And I am so proud that my dear family, that has helped ME so much through the years, have helped these others along their path too...

Ultimately, while I actually have the gene pool to back me up on the fact that they are my family...I'm pretty sure they'd treat me the same if I didnt have the Abt family tree backing me up...because "family" in the kingdom of God has a much much wider definition.

So, we are definitely on our way to the best part of the year: October-Jan...ahhh...in just those few months I have the possibility of seeing three of my all time favorite people. Thida is coming in..a MONTH TOMORROW!! Emma is hopefully coming soon after that...and Sam...well, Sam pretty much HAS to come too-especially since Aunt Donnave and Mama Gail are both overJOYED at the prospect ( so am I...) of mothering him for an extended period of time...Honestly, I think this will be the GREATEST gift that God could give me right now-otherwise I might just loose all sense of responsibility and get on a plane and head West...as in to Washington....and well, THEN where would we be?!
Besides it making a great story ( which it would)-it would be BAD.

And, so, yes, I am very very happy that I've got friends to fill in the little (who am I kidding: big) holes that my life has afforded...and it's a good reminder that while everything has changed-one thing HASNT changed. God has still got a good iron grip on my life. Thank goodness for that.

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