October 17, 2006


This post is not for the faint at heart...I will be oversharing. I will be complaining. So if you dont want to read, feel free to tune in tomorrow where I will probably either overshare or complain-but not necessarily together.

Sooooo....Sunday night I started the delightful process of "making myself feel better through drugs"....and can I just say, I'm really dont remember reading ( even in the fine print) how totally dreadful birth control pills ARE.

I mean, seriously.

Being a women totally stinks...and this makes it worse. I've felt down right ILL ever since. It was explained to me that my "body now thinks I'm pregnant"...to which I believe my response was, "I AM ADOPTING!!"

I also dont understand how anyone could GAIN WEIGHT while being pregnant because I just want to throw up...and the only eating I feel like doing is biting people's heads off.

Anyway, enough about that, since I'm sure I'll end up offending women who are ACTUALLY pregnant...because I bet its totally different... so instead, I'll just say that this is probably the most interesting longterm way of not being in pain...as in, now I've got NEW symptoms to worry about-and while I've been in pain the last few days, it has been totally over powered by the sense of nausia. So that's probably a move in the right direction, huh? ;-)

In other news ( not really, I'm just trying to make it look like this post has more than one topic), I went home yesterday and laid on my bed for three hours straight....I didnt feel sick at ALL...until I stood up to answer the phone.

This IS going to pass isnt it?! Otherwise I'm throwing those teeny tiny pills of evil out the window....

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