October 10, 2006


So, I got these totally adorable black pumps ( shoe therapy is proven to work 8 out of ten times) on Friday.

And I really do love them....but there is ONE slight problem. My right foot is decidedly thinner...or smaller than my left foot. I am definitely a 5 1/2 when it comes to my left foot..but my right foot could totally use a size five. ( yes, we dont have to go into how SMALL my feet are!)

Walking from my car to my office this morning, I had to walk past a maintenance man who was blowing off the sidewalk. He kindly stopped his blower as I walked past...but at that EXACT moment my right show slipped totally off my foot.

I caught myself, in a beautiful NOT SO DELICATE way, from falling.

Bless that man, he didnt even laugh...

So, is there anyway I can stop my shoe from slipping?! Its really putting a cramp in my walking style...and I'd rather not be fodder for Maintenance Man Breakroom talk.

In other news, its been raining HARD for the past hour and half. WOO! I love it!

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