October 10, 2006

For all He has done.

Tonight, I turned Hillsong's album "For all You've Done" up really loud and sat...

This song, its now on repeat...

It use to be darkness
Without you I lived my life in blindness
Now I'm found.

And I'll sing, sing I love you so.
because the world can't take away your love.

Found me in weakness
You came to me in kindness
And now I live.

I'll sing, sing I love you so.
Because the world cant take away your love.

I give my life for you Lord
For all you've done.

When I think about the future at the moment, I kinda make this "Ha!" sound automatically....I mean, its hard not to laugh when you're basically thinking about things that you have NO IDEA about. Its hard to imagine what God will do with your little life. You wonder how He could take this little girl from East Texas...take her to the other side of the world...give her wonderful friends, wonderful experiences, give her a new appreciation of Him...then drag her back-kicking and screaming-to East Texas...where she now finds herself blessed yet again with wonderful friends and family and a new appreciation of Him.

It seems that every turn brings hardship and blessing. It seems that life only GETS more complicated,more interesting... just more.

But, tonight, when my mind shifts to the future, instead of trying to wonder how it will "all work out"...instead I am just overcome by "all that He has done" thus far...

I think back to this time last year....to this time two years ago....five years ago....
I can only say that He has dealt kindly with me-even in the hardest of Battles...even the scars...even the wounds....all of it was for Good....
This has been beautiful thus far.

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