October 18, 2006


So, I feel sooooo productive right now...

I'm making pumpkin soup.

AND...I had to cut up the pumpkin with INSANELY UNSHARP knives...which was....dangerous. I want knives for my birthday-if anyone cares. *hint*hint* Papa.

But, I was victorious and now its simmering...and I'm happy because this makes me feel winter-y and home-y and cozy and other 'y' ending words that are good.

Bascially its still could turn out badly, especially since I've never had pumpkin soup anywhere but New Zealand...and the NZ pumpkin is decidedly different from the American version....so I stood in front of the entire "squash family" in the supermarket and finially picked out a squash that most resembled the NZ pumpkin and took it home...so yeah...it looks like it'll be good...and it smells like it'll be good...so I'll let you know.

Its finished...and it tastes pretty good...the taste isnt as strong as I would like...but still totally yummy

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