October 18, 2006

Welcome to wednesday

Ohhhh maaaaan, can you believe that its ONLY Wednesday?! Is this the LONGEST week EVER?!

Seriously, I think it is.

I'm starting to worry that while September was one of the FASTEST months ever...October is starting to let me DOWN.

So, the comments I got from yesterday's posts...haha. And also, yes, I am already taking those stupid pills at night...Thanks for the suggestion though. I love how everyone looks out for me! Oh, and I feel a TAD guilty for being the instigator for birds and the bees talks...but then again, I DID give you a warning before I started ;-)

ahhh...overshare-age...good times, good times...

So, friends, family, countrymen..I'm sleepy...as in, I almost convinced myself at 8:30 (!!!) that I could continue sleeping...suuuure, I had to be at work in exactly thirty minutes...but I was pretty convinced that all I needed was "ten minutes" to get everything accomplished for work ( aka. look halfway decent).

The lack of sleep can be pretty much contributed to the shape of the earth-and the fact that Texas is two WHOLE HOURS ahead of Washington ( the state not the city...) which has kept me going to bed after 12 for...ummm...days on end. And then, on TOP of that-last night Carmi called me even later then THAT. ( isnt it nice, dear friends, that I keep such late hours now? You can pretty much call me at 1am and I'll still be kicking. pitiful.)

I think its pretty much imparative that I implement a new "afternoon naps" action into my daily activities..or I dont know how much longer I will be able to handle only getting *pause* eight hours of sleep!!! SERIOUSLY?! I got eight hours of sleep last night?!

I dont FEEL like I got eight hours!!

Wow. I feel stupid even bringing it up. Forget I ever mentioned the fact that I'm tired.
Forget it.

I'm lame.

P.S. Did I tell you that Kinky Friedmen ( the guy running for Texas Gov.) actually DELETED me off of his Facebook friends list?! Shocking, I tell you, shocking...I am NO LONGER EVEN GOING TO CONSIDER VOTING FOR HIM. And I dont think you should either. I mean, GOSH...

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