October 03, 2006

weather-you like it... or not.

Oooooh....its the best pun I could come up with for 9am. So, deal with it.
But, seriously, the weather is NASTY here in Nacogdoches. The adjectives that come to mind:


Profound, I know...but, I guess I was just ready for fall to arrive when October rolled around. WRONG!

Another proof that its DEFINITELY not cool enough yet: the bugs are still ruling the night air.
I've got bug bites on BOTH my arms from sitting outside last evening.

In other "Abigail is complaining" news, I reeeeeally wanted a Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit from McDonalds this morning ( why, yes, I AM super healthy thanks for mentioning it.) but the line was waaaaaaaaay long. So, I'm still kinda bummed about that. I have consoled myself with the fact that I'm having dinner at the Parents house tonight...so I KNOW that dinner will be good.
Honestly, Papa reading that book about the chef last month was one of the best things that has happened to the Abt family in a good long while. He's been down right inspired. We have ALL reaped the rewards.

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