October 02, 2006

So far..

I totally didnt want to come to work today. I mean, seriously, I reeeeally wasnt feeling the "Go to work" vibe.

But, I came.

I thought I'd be able to leave work because my monitor had gone out on Friday. But, UNFORTUNATELY, for the first time ever ( unsolicited you can be sure) I was given GREAT service by the computer people...and I was given a "replacement" monitor while i waited for mine to be replaired.


Thanks a lot.

And then my old boss came by because I'm doing a favor for him, and he stayed and for an hour.

But, here I am, being a good girl. Working.
However, here is my main thought process at the moment:

" I have exactly three more days (after today) with Brett in town.
All of this other "stuff" that I'm doing...well, its just pointless."

I know, I know, that's a very bad attitude. And I'm trying really hard to work on it. You know, pay my bills, going to work, talk to people.. and the like-because apparently life has NOT started revolving around me.

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