November 30, 2006

all kinds o-fun

Because I'm really lame I put up a countdown counter till my surgery. hehe.
I've had the questions pouring in about exactly WHAT is going to happen to me-and while there isnt super much I can tell at this point ( the doctor is not in the habit of volunteering information, and I am not in the habit of asking for it.)

I will say this, I find it really really cool ( in an odd sort of way) that Emma had this surgery only a few months ago and therefore can tell me more than most people can. So, hopefully, it wont be all that bad...with pain medication and the forced-resting I should be good to go in about a week. And HOPEFULLY they will clear out some of the endometrosis that is plaguing me and we can all go on our happy way.

Last night it actually WOKE ME UP in the wee morning hours to remind me of its presence. Poor Thida I hope I wasnt moaning or anything annoying like that. I left her watching Grey's Anatomy at a very early evening hour last night so I could go lie on my bed in that blissful medicated state I've become so familiar with....

Luckily, she gets a weird nerdy medical kick out of watching medical shows. ;-)

Changing the subject: The weather has dropped at LEAST 15 degrees since I arrived at work today...its insane. I mean, really quite COLD.
AND it started raining just as I was pulling into work and so I looked around my car for one of my two where to be found.

Had to run in the rain. Graceful. I'm sure.

Arrived in my office to find BOTH umbrellas sitting helpfully by the door. boo.

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