November 30, 2006


Metaphysical poetry....I dig it.

I was reminded of this fact when I started reading this book last week...which is mystical poetry....and that's pretty much metaphysical......and so tonight I was sent searching for my Metaphysical poets from my university days......

Henry Vaughn.....John Donne....George Herbert....

I do realize these are dusty old british poets from the 17th century....but their poetry makes me cry.

And then this....

....O that thou shouldst give dust a tongue
To cry to Thee,
and then not hear it crying! All day long
My heart was in my knee
But no hearing.

Therefore my soul lay out of sight,
Untuned, unstrung;
My feeble spirit, unable to look right,
Like a nipped blossom, hung
O cheer and tune my heartless breast;
Defer no time,
That so thy favors granting my request,
They and my mind may chime
and mend my rhyme
(from "Denial" ~George Herbert)

I feel like that is the cry of so many at the moment, and its a comfort to see that it isnt a new development.
But, neither is this:

Great God, our lowliness takes heart to play
Beneath the shadow of Thy state;
The only comfort of our littleness
Is that Thou art so great....
( from another Frederick Faber poem...)

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