November 09, 2006

breaking news:

Abigail has had a major freakout about her work website. She is quoted to have thought to herself, "I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. Someone shoot me." But, then went to major escapism mode checking her email about fourteen times in a row ( by hitting refresh). She then realized that no, she wasnt going to get any emails to distract her and so she was once again stuck with that sinking feeling of not knowing what she was doing, and not yet being able to calmdown enough to read a trillion billion help manuals. She felt sure that it was the paying of the $119.40 that really threw her over the edge, realizing that no, infact, she could not back out of this now.
In a striking turn of events she got a distracting cellphone call that kept her from throwing up, and gave her a slightly more positive disposition that she hopes will last longer than it takes for her to write this sentence.

If there was ever EVER a time for prayer to be involved in work-this would be a good example of it.

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