November 16, 2006

fingers point to me.

So, I worked for hours and hours on end...with my boss standing over me pretty much the whole time.
My lunch break was nice ( a thanksgiving dinner at the Newspaper) but I had to be friendly and make small talk nonetheless.
I got a sore throat half way through the when I finally left work ( with an hour before I had to be BACK at work) I just went home to drink Airbourne Cocktails and take medicine. No fun.
I then went BACK to work, where I stood on my feet ( not on my hands, smarty pants) for an hour and a half, smiling and repeating the same thing over and over again to prospective scholarship recipients.
I then came home to people being short with me via email...

I also reeeeally wanted to clean the bathroom and vacumn the floors of my house tonight ( and NO I'm not just saying that so that one day you'll think I'll make some nice does-talk-back-house-wife. hahaha). I seriously, think my floors are dirty and my sink needs cleaning...and Thida comes TOMORROW! ( yay! I am seriously excited...though also annoyed that I still havent done everything on my list)
But, to be honest, every SINGLE bone in my body aches....and my throat hurts. And I am SUPER grumpy.

So, when the question is asked who the big whiny pants is?!

All fingers point to me.

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