November 16, 2006

tired but ...

So, I've worked SOOOO HARD today! Honestly, accounting makes my head hurt like nothing else on the planet. Numbers...meeeh.

Anyway, in other news, I was digging around in my purse ( and if you know me at all, you know how big my purses usually are) and I found my ring!!! FABULOUS!!! Its extremly loose on my finger, so I may take Brett's suggestion and tape the sucker on my finger with masking tape. yeah. That'll be really attractive.

Which brings me to the thought...can you LOOSE WEIGHT in your fingers?!
I think it must be the weather..but still, its AWFULLY loose.

So, I'm working until 7:30 tonight...and I'm already exausted here at 4pm. Boo...maybe a little Java Jacks would make me feel better? What do you think?! Absolutely.

I'm so run down at the moment, pain, stress, work, plans...I feel bad, I've neglected a few choice people who dont deserve to be neglected.
Have patience, I'm sure I'll get myself sorted at some point.

Oh, and Brett isnt coming home for Thanksgiving. Boo. I suppose my plan of "not getting my hopes up about anything" has SORTA worked...because I didnt cry. I'm such a big girl. ;-)

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