November 28, 2006

it actually works.

So, today, I had roses and chocolates delivered to my office.

And I'm speechless...with what to say about how that made me feel.

Well, I take that back, its actually really easy to come up with....but also extremely mushy, and I try to keep mushiness to a minimum on this blog.

So, think of something mushy and sappy...and go with that.

I'm about to go tell my entire board of directors that with holiday ( that cant be avoided) and my surgery recovery...I will be working a grand total of 9 days in December.

Wish me luck.

Better yet, pray.


So, the prayers worked. My meeting went really really well...and no one seemed to care at all that I was missing so much work and that they were basically paying me to do nothing ( hahaha!)...but seriously, all the praise made me blush and makes me want to work harder so that I wont make them all liars.

Also, amazing and stupideous answer to prayer: One of my board members invited a technology support guy from SFA to the meeting and he's going to help me work out all the kinks on the website!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! SERIOUSLY! Wonderful.

Oh. And did I mention that Thida rocks the cooking world?! ( I found yummy fried rice waiting on the stove after my meeting) She's a fabulous house guest...if I need to write recommendations I will. ;-) Her future husband is going to be SOOO lucky. ;-)

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