November 28, 2006


So, SOME people have mentioned that Thida and I were wearing a LOT of makeup to the Imogen Heap concert ( not to mention any names)-and I'm not at all implying that there was Judgment in their tone. no not at all.
But... *i* would like to point out that...concerts REQUIRE more makeup...just because of the possible sweating...and the whole "low lighting" situation...meaning you just need to PAINT YOUR FACE ON. And therefore, there is NOTHING WRONG with wearing "lots of makeup."

Anyway to counteract the "pointed" observation, Thida snapped this picture of the two of us a few days ago....we had just woken up and gotten dressed and I was literally standing in front of the mirror putting my hair in braids when she took the photo.
We have no make up on.
Not even chapstick.
And this is very normal.

And we were definitely a 2 out of ten. So there you go...once again, I prove that my blog has more bad pictures of myself than good....


Thida has given permission for me to publish this photo...and you know what, personally...I like this photo better anyway.
I mean, THAT'S how i see myself...and yes, that's kinda vain I guess...but its true. So now you know what I actually think of myself.

good or bad.
I'm a two. ;-)

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