November 01, 2006

Look what day it is!!!!

YAY! Its finally here: The very best month in the WHOLE YEAR! November. SoooOOOoooOOo exciting.
Now for all of those who are mathmatically challenged ( like myself) can EASILY count down the days until my birthday without doing any hardcore math equations in their head. Whew! So glad it finally come to this!

The weather is much cooler today, which is nice...though its not like I get to spend much time out in the elements. Although, my office is ALWAYS cold. So, there's that.

I really thought I had more to talk about then the weather! I dont know what happened. meh. Alright, so a quick current events update (aka. things I have been remiss in mentioning on my blog:

~ The Prestige is really a fantastic movie, the best I've seen in a looong time. I toally recommend seeing it if you have the chance. Christopher Nolan is really something...I love his movies.

~I, for one, cannot WAIT until the elections are over in this democratic nation we so happily live in ( or some of us). I absolutely despise politics. I hate CNN and I hate FOX News...I hate all those political ads that come on the radio (Luckily I dont watch TV or I'd probably be even more annoyed)...and I hate that many Christians mistake "Christian" with Conservative and just ASSUME that you are going to go out in vote republican in the coming election...and come up to you at church or in the store or...worse then THAT...they EMAIL YOU...talking about how you should vote for so-in-so because they will change the world...
So, I'm going to pull a "Papa" and not vote at all...and for all my little conservative friends, you should be happy I'm not...because I'd more than likely NOT vote Republican.
So there. And me saying all this...hopefully it will not solicite further conversation, because, in fact, I do not mind if you do not agree with me...I am GLAD that there are people who have not lost faith in the whole political system of this can keep it running while I live for social causes ;-)

~I've officially ruined the Vanilla Latte for myself...I've had one too many and must now return to the tried and true "plain" Latte. I know, its tough...and believe me its even tougher on the good people at Java Jacks, because I dont think they even LISTEN to my order anymore, they are so use to making me a 12 oz. Vanilla Latte..well, THINGS CHANGE...get USE TO IT!

~Many of my darling friend in NZ are slowly but surely finishing up their exams...which is strange for me, because it has officially been TWO YEARS since i sat exams. TWO!!!
Isnt that shocking?! I dont think I even have the ability to take a test of any sort anymore...and its also strange because I've forgotten what its like to have definite in, one second you're studying HARDOUT and the are FREEEEE as a bird. Life is now a constant stream of little things do change!

~I am starting to get super excited about Thida's impending visit! Esther and Briana are planning ( or at least I think they are!) on coming with me to the airport so that the "constant party" can begin IMMEDIATELY upon her arrival. Since her plane is not arriving until 8pm...I am thinking about hitting up Central Market beforehand...although, I have never driven there myself and therefore do not know how to get there...anyone have simple Abigail-proof instructions?! Otherwise it'll be mapquest...and we ALLLL know what a bad idea that can be!

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