November 07, 2006


So, I'm constantly going through phases...where my favorite things change around...isnt it everysolucky that I have a blog so that we can keep track of my favorite things?!

Back up the story, let me explain...not to long ago, I had the task of putting together 500 newsletters at my job...mindNUMBING work let me tell you, so to pass the time I looked up sermons online...and listened to them on my computer while I worked.

Well....the newsletter is now probably in peoples recycle bins ( I'm allll about recycling now), but I kind of enjoyed listening to sermons that I started wanting to do it at home....ANNNNND it just so happened to be cooler outside, which made me want to knit....sooooo....sitting and knitting...and listening to sermons....coooooool times at the Abigail Home.

And incidently, when I went on my hunt for sermons online, I wanted to make sure I got "quality" since I really didnt have the time to shopping around-so I went by the word of my good friend Paul and visited Matt Chandler ....who Paul has come to quote so very much that he just calls him "my good friend Matt" now....and I gotta say I'm hooked too ( even though his voice takes a bit getting use to! hehe)

So, now you know....I just started the series on I should be rocking out knitted sweaters before you know it ;-)

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