November 07, 2006

You know...

How much I love Amy Carmichael's poetry ( almost as much as I love her biography if you havent read it, I highly recommend you do...)

And while I am somehow, totally without orginal thought today, I do think this poem is beautiful...a friend recently asked on their blog what true genuine community is...and this poem sums it up rather well...lately I've been thinking on human relationships-how it is by the very Grace of God that I have the beautiful friends that I do...I am also realizing more and more the IMPORTANCE of doing things together...praying together, praising together, fellowshiping together...and as cheesy as I always thought it was: "Doing Life together."

Yea, we adore, O Father, we adore Thee;
Hast Thou not guided, O Thou gentle Guide?
Make pure our praises as we wait before Thee,
Whose love embraces us on every side.

Gifts hast Thou given of sister and of brother;
O royal Giver, blessed be Thy choice.
Thee, Thee, O Master, see we in each other,
Hear in each tone Thy well-beloved voice.

Therefore we come with worship and with wonder;
Surely the Lord is in this quiet place.
Bind us with cords that life nor death can sunder;
Draw us together as we seek Thy face.

Write Thou the lines o our unfinished story;
Make us, Thy ministers, a flaming fire;
Let fless be nough -to Thee alone be glory;
Grant unto us to meet Thy heart's desire.

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