November 03, 2006


I hate these friday's where i have football games to go to. BOOO! It steals all the goodness out of the fact that its a friday. But, I shouldnt complain.

I just ordered sushi for lunch...when I asked the lady on the phone how long its going to be she said "five minute."


Yeah, nothing has EVER taken five minute(sic) at Sushi Ya...and since she didnt know to put the "s" at the end of minutes I'm going to assume it'll be longer than that.

I've been craving Sushi for WEEKS. This is going to make my day better.

I've got a sore throat. But, I am refusing to get sick..afterall, I DID get a flu shot yesterday. That has to be worth something in sick currency, right?

Its been a weird week, dont you think? I feel like there's stuff going on under the surface of "life"...and I just cant get my hands around it. Maybe I'm over thinking...but the comments I've gotten about several blog posts have made me think I'm not the only one.

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