November 02, 2006

A sordid tale: how I found the song...

Ah....the internet, such an untamed beast! ( and while I'm joking around at the really is evil sometimes...and that's scary.)

But, anyway, do you remember not a post down, that I was complaining that I had a song, nah, a LINE from a song in my head and I didnt know what it was?!

Well, I spend a goodly amount of time sorting through my itunes yesterday..with no luck. But, then tonight, I thought long and hard about where I could of heard if, if not in my own music collection...and then I remembered: I listen to Pandora Internet Radio at work....I have been listening to my "Reminds me of Jeremy Camp" station for....ages....and it goes through about 30 songs...over and over....every now and again adding random new songs ( Beau Brice?! the guy from american idol?! reeeeeallly?! hahaha!)
SO, with that in mind...I started doing MEGA google searches ( do you remember what life was LIKE without google searching ability?! Honestly, I cant remember...and it must have been a life of lots of sleepless nights)
But...and finally I found it:

Today ( As for Me and My House)
Today, I choose to follow you.
Today, I choose to give my "yes" to you.
Today, I choose to hear your voice and live.
Today, I choose to follow you.

As for me and my house, we will serve you.
As for me and my house, we will spend our lives on you

Wonderful, Counselor, Everlasting Father
Eternal King, Lord of Host willingly we follow.

Today, I choose to follow you...
~ Brian Doerkson

WHEW! And that answers the song came into my head yesterday....really it was the theme of my week in a lot of respects. The idea that every SINGLE day my desire is to choose Him...the alternative is dark. the alternative is depressing... and to be honest, the alternative is death.

So, its a simple song, but it IS my anthem tonight. And while "my family" pretty much consists of decision is still really really important.

So choose.

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