November 25, 2006

The very thought...

I received a fabulous little book for my birthday, The Christian Book of Mystical Verse compiled by A.W. Tozer...

I love it so far...I often feel like my own lack of imagination keeps me from expressing the depths of my thoughts...the width of my feelings for the Lord. To be totally honest, I am continually trumped and therefore must just about ALWAYS turn to others for help. Luckily, Others have been given Divine Help...and thus I am constantly quoting song lyrics, psalms, verses, poetry and literary quotes to desparately fill up all the thoughts and feelings I cannot express....but in that, I find great delight. For, I feel as though I am having my quiet time not just with the Lord...but King David is there...and Rich Mullins is there...and Frederick William Faber ( Lived: 1814-1863) is here. Here with me, saying that which I coulld not.

Here is a little of the goodness that I read today...I wanted to quote the whole thing, but I felt like you might not read it all and that would bother me ;-)

The thought of God, the thought of Thee,
Who liest in my heart,
And yet beyond imagined space
Outstretched and present art,-
The thought of Thee, above, below
Around me and within,
Is more to me than health and wealth
Or love of kith and kin.

The thought of God is like the tree
Beneath whose shade I lie,
And watch the fleets of snowy clouds
Sail o'er the silent sky...

It is a thought which ever makes
Life's sweetest smiles from tears,
And is a daybreak to our hopes,
A sunset to our fears;

One while it bids the tears to flow,
Then wipes them from the eyes,
Most often fills our souls with joy,
And always sanctifies.

Within a thought so a great, our souls
Little and modest grow,
And, by its vastness awed, we learn
The art of walking slow....

To think of Thee is almost prayer,
And is outspoken praise;
And pain can even passive thoughts
To actual worship raise.....

(Read the rest sometime ( on page 13-14)....)

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