November 25, 2006

Once Upon a Time: Girls Night

So, last night, "the girls" and I had an anti-thanksgiving dinner ( aka. we were tired of starch foods in all shapes and forms and Thida was about to DIE if she didnt have "fruits and veggies RIGHT NOW". )

Off we went to Wal Mart and then home to cut up veggies.
preparing for anti-thanksgiving

Then we went crazy with the cooking....going so far as to put APPLES in our vegetables ( because we are brave and creative).
( and NO that wasnt posed, I look like that when I cook...)

I used my china ( because this was a special occasion)...and the table looked adorable.

We then did the usual "pose for a picture around the table" thing...which turned out rather well...even though Thida wasnt actually sitting on a chair.

After dinner the only thing to be done was to play SingStar for hours...which we did...and just because the pictures dont look like we're having fun doesnt mean it wasnt SUPER AWESOME.

And just to prove's the action version...


And then we all went to bed and slept like angels. The end.

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