November 10, 2006

Vets day

I find it sad that the High School doesnt celebrate Veterans Day...which is tomorrow?

I mean, I feel like we really SHOULD.

But, at the same time, I'm getting waaaay excited about Thanksgiving Holidays...annnnnnd guess what happens in ONE WEEK!?! !


But, I've still got tons to do before she arrives...all these things that I thought, "you should so do that before Thida arrives-but that's for a long time now."

TIME FLIES!! First things, first, getting my hair trimmed (today! I called for an appointment and they put me on for TODAY!) so I can look hot for Thida...because, you know, that's a priority. And then I've got to clean out one of my many many closets so she can have her very own space...and maybe some bathroom countertop space too ( I'm such a good friend)....and I've got to get her a BED to sleep on!
:-) OH! And a key to my apartment...that's important. Is it too early in our relationship for her to get a key to my place?! nooooo....we've been friends for 4 years-I think that's taking it pretty slow.
Alright, I best get back to work, my todo list is insane today...

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