November 26, 2006

Where's Waldo

So, I was talking to someone tonight and I said pretty much word for word the following: "Wow, I feel so sorry for because its so easy to see that they are miserable, and while they do realize they are miserable...they are looking for the solution in ALL the wrong places! They think that YOU will somehow fill up the big hole that they realize they have! When we both know only God can fix that miserableness. "

And then, later, I was praying with Thida...and it was like, God slapped me upside the head with that earlier comment....because isnt that what I do too? Constantly looking....constantly searching, filling up my actions....its all busy, busy, busy-trying to fill up that hole.

When really everything I need is in Jesus Christ. Its all there.

My life so often looks like a where's waldo picture...some of those little people look deceptively like Waldo...but when you look closely its just a red and white stripped scarf...and not the real deal. Oh, that I would just STOP the search for all the counterfeit Jesus's...and focus on the real deal.

I am a lost sheep, I am a wayward discipe, I am a common harlot

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