December 12, 2006


So, I am currently holed up at my parents house, being waited on hand and foot. In fact, Aunty D is coming this afternoon to care for me further. Awwww....I feel so high maintance! Yet, at the same time...I I pretty much need people to bring me water and food and to change out the there.

Now for too much information! Ya'll ready?! woo.
So, my surgery went well, in that they did find a lot of endometrosis all over my ovaries and verious other places in my reproductive system ( ask to see the picture sometime, its amazing! hehehe...) However, the doctor felt it would cause more harm than good to remove the endo ( it would cause extensive scarring which would just cause MORE endo to so now we'll be going a more "agressive medicine" route to control the pain....apparently one way of reducing the pain would be to have children. So, I'm looking into that as we speak. hehehe....can you tell that i'm all loopy and drugged?! No? you mean I always make inappropriate jokes!? oh. nevermind then.

So, now I have some really beautiful bandaids on my tummy...aaaaaannnnd my stomache is all round and poochy because they pumped me up with air so they could stick the camera in and look around. hehe. Its really funny looking actually, and if it wasnt so incredibly sore I think I'd be tempted to punch myself in the stomache to see what would happen to all that air. My throat still really hurts ( it was hard to talk yesterday) because of the tube they put down it during the surgery....annnnnd I feel like passing out every time I get up for any reason.
Yesssss....recovery is super fun! All the lovely people who have prayed for me and come to see me and talked to me-thanks bunches. I feel very loved.

Currently my father is taking care of me-he told me to "yell" when I had dishes that needed taken out of my I yelled "Dishes!" in my raspy voice last night...I thought it was extremely funny at the time. It hurts to laugh. I dont know how funny it actually was...hmmmmmm....vicodin.

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