December 10, 2006


SooOOoooooo....I'm having surgery around 9:30am tomorrow morning to "diagnois" and this hopefully "remove" ( I shouldnt have put that in quotes! hahaha) any endometrios that might be aimlessly growing inside me at this moment in time. Anyway, your prayers are much coveted since I do have to go under general anesthetic...and that doesnt seem particularly cool.
Other than that I just pray that I finally know without a shadow of a doubt what has been causing me so much pain for all these months.

I am SOO thankful to have friends like you who havent told me to shut up or suck it up while I've complained for months on end. I am also soooo thankful that I have prayerful friends. It is a blessing that I dont believe I could live without ;-).

On a brighter note I became really nervous about this surgery last night when I thought of all the possibly loopy things I could say while on drugs. THAT scares me more than anything ;-)

I must REALLY write my newspaper article for work now, talk about waiting till the last minute! meeeh.

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