December 30, 2006


Emma and I just got home from Cleburne ( via Dallas) we were turning into my drive I thought...whooooa its been sooo long since I've been home!!

Really its been just a little over a day.

Yesterday was kind of long, though....had to leave Brett at the airport which is just about the most awful thing one can do. I mean, seriously, it was just NO FUN.

It was raining cats and dogs, which had delayed Brett's flight an hour, and after leaving him at the gate Emma and I got in the car....and we cried. Both of us. was all very girlie....but honestly, I'm glad I've got a friend like her that I can cry with and then eat comfort Cracker Barrel food with. THAT is friendship.

I'm tired and I'm wondering if I'm ever going to catch up on rest....I actually think I'm PAST tired....

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