December 22, 2006

the truth....

So, yes, I know that I should say something profound know, more about why Christmas is truly wonderful. The simple truth of the matter is that the Lord fulfilled His promises. For from the beginning, the people of God had been looking for the fulfillment of His promise, the promise of a Saviour. And then one day, and you know what, I bet it seemed like any other day... His son was born into the world....and His promise was fulfilled just like that.

It seems kinda simple really. Simple to the point of radiculous....I mean, its almost like God went OUT of His WAY for Jesus to have a truly humble beginning...I mean, a stable? Seriously? But, it isnt radiculous. Its beautiful. Its beautiful because God need not make a big to-do...He does not need to puff up and have a few parades so that everyone knows how important He is....nope. In fact, His son was a Nazarene. He was probably your everyday jewish guy, probably not much to look at....and for that matter, he wasnt particularly successful or rich either.
Yes, it seems that God didnt care about social status...or being politically correct....or being liked....or cool.
I am saying this because from looking at the Church today it is often very much concerned with all these things....and you'd think it was important or something.
And yes, I am going off on a tangent. But, the night that Jesus was born the only ones that got the memo were a few shepherds...and all the heavenly hosts ( I bet there was no keeping the secret there).
Its beautiful, really, because it reminds me that God does things completely and totally different from how we humans would do it. Understanding His ways are impossible...for we do not have the mind of God. So, what can I know? I can know that there came a day where a little virgin girl named Mary had a baby, and she named Him Jesus, and later He died for my sins.
Its that simple.
Its that Glorious.

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