January 19, 2007

"Abbey's totally awesome freak out"

That was the name of an email I sent out yesterday....It was said later, by the receiver of said email that I do a good job of marketing my craziness.


And that is why I have a blog for heaven's sake!
That being said:
So, imagine that your bosses decide to have a meeting...and they decide to do it a IHOP, instead of at your office...and let's say that you're not invited.

Question: What's your first thought?

Answer: Well, LOGICALLY my mind immediately went to the very high possibility ( nay,PROBABILITY) that I am going to be fired.


My sister always said that it was a GOOD thing that we perpetually feel as though we are going to be fired, because the worst possible thing for an employer is to have employees who think that they are indispensible. So, when you use THAT kinda logic. I am a fantastic employee....one who could easily be fired this afternoon. ;-)

Since, its also possible that I WONT be fired tomorrow, lets instead talk about drugs. I had to take a mighty dose of pain-removers ( my new name for them...sounds less menacing) last night and woke up this morning as TIRED as I was when I went to sleep... Making me regret my decision to attend a "Spa Products" party this evening.
I mean, come on! Unless this "Spa Products" party somehow is able to recreate an entire weekend at a spa (which I doubt)...than I'd rather be home, on my couch, in my PJs watching Melrose Place and eating cereal. That's right. You heard me. Anti-Social Abigail is about to rear her ugly head. ( which is Ironic...sinc just yesterday I was saying it probably wasnt a good idea for me to be alone so much.)
Oh well.
Dont worry.
I'll be going to the party. *sigh* I will probably need a party to celebrate my being fired.


Paul James said...


"...And I think we should fire Abigail; could you pass the maple syrup? Have you tried the stuffed french toast?"

That doesn't really sound right, unless you work for totally heartless people ;-)

now THIS is possible "... I think if we're going to keep her we're going to have to double her salary. Who ordered the waffles?"

Christa said...

Abigail! If they WERE going to fier you you would have picked up on this sooner. Don't you think? I can't say that I am well versed in the business world but I do pick up little hints and nudges when I think something bad is going to happen. And I must sadly admit that when these things do occur I am usealy right. Maybe it is just that the subject that they are approching doesn't concern your aspect of the business. Give me a call if you want to. :) You've always been there for me and now it's my turn. : ) I love you and I will be praying for you.

Christa said...

Oops! I just noticed my spelling error. Forgive me.;)