January 18, 2007


Today I got to officially put Kristy's trip to Texas on my calendar! :-) Yaaaaay!
She's coming Thursday Feb. 15th Evening ( my late Valentine's present. hehehe.) and is staying through that Monday!! FABULOUS!! It has been...um, quick calculations...two years and two months since I've seen Kristy's loverly face in person. Wow. I know its going to be a wonderful blessing to have a TRUE face-to-face catch up with her.

And apparently, just so you know, it only takes two days of "normal life" where I have nothing really "pressing" coming up or to do, before I have a complete melt down.
Now, I'm not saying it wasnt something that needed to happen, and I'm also not saying that I still dont have some sorting out of personal stuff to be done-and so its a GOOD thing I dont have million and one things on my plate. But, you know what I realized? There is a serious side-affect of having a busy life. You can easily BECOME all the problems and responsibilites of others therefore replacing your OWN problems and responsibilites....its one of the most beautiful forms of denial that I have yet to find myself in. Boy, I really AM denial queen. Or maybe its not denial...its more of jsut a lack of being able to balance.
No good.

Anyway, so I've been thinking about the Leading of God...its important to continue on the path you are on until you actually get direction to turn to the right or the left ( Is. 30:21)...but when your current path seems to indicate that you'll be turning "right" and yet you havent actually gotten that particular "whisper"...does that mean you're to STILL continue down that road when you know that it is infact NOT a two sided road but that its DRIFTING to the right?
I know, that was really confusing....sorry.
I confuse myself.

And this is why I shouldnt be left alone for long periods of thinking time. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

It makes sense to me and gives me something to think about.