January 11, 2007

after working for four days...

It's about time I had a holiday, right?

But, I AM heading out of town tomorrow....so of course I'm cleaning my house because it really needed it and what if I died or something? I would hate for all the moarners to have to clean my house on top of morning my loss.


oh well, I'm half kidding. Besides if I seriously thought about dying I'd probably have a will or something. It would have important stuff like who gets my shoes ( the answer: whoever can fit into them.) and would someone please burn my journals.

Seriously, how did I get on this topic?! Sorry.

In other news I get to see Brett tomorrow. eeeee!


Christa said...

You didn't comment about my profile picture! I thought that it would draw a comment from you. Oh weel.

Trinity said...

I can't see the top of your blog! Just the mast part; I know what it says, but it's still nice to see it.

Justin said...

how thoughful of you to think of the mourners.

Paul James said...

Hey, I know you're trying to make me famous and such - but you might want to fix the link to Hung's blog as it currently points to mine :-)

Or have them all point to my blog, I'll let you decide. Enjoy the weekend!