January 10, 2007

Shut that door!

So, just so you know...my heater seems to be working, kinda.

And in other news, I had two fantastic coffee dates today......probably a good thing too since I hadnt gotten to hang out with either gals in for evers because of the busy-ness that has been my life of late. *sigh*
Will be glad to get back into things with them both next week!

Have I mentioned how confused ( about life) I am at the moment? Sometimes I feel like all the arrows are pointing one way, and then the next minute its like, "weeeeellll....maybe not....have you considered THIS option?!"

So, it was nice when I read Streams in the Desert tonight and it was all about being guided by the Holy Spirit with the use of SHUT DOORS. I loved it so much...its my new slogan as I head into the unknowness of this year, "SHUT THE DOOR, HOLY SPIRIT!"...its a comforting thought since I'm so very adverst to making mistakes....and the thought that I could mess something up really doesnt make me happy ;-)

I'm already getting the vibe that 2007 is going to be more complicated than one would like...but then again, since when has life EVER been simple? Ah, last year...i think 2006 was pretty straight forward. All that letter writing...it kept me busy. All that second guessing of the letter writing...it kept me even busier.
Those were the days. ;-)

I'm being sarcastic just in case you didnt notice....I'm remembering that 2006 wasnt so easy to get through either...and it ended up rather well...so here's to 2007, shut doors and one open one!

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