January 17, 2007

"Ah! There is a small layer of ice on my car!"

...now let's all freak out!

That's pretty much how things work in most of Texas ( at least the southern parts, where "wintery precipitation" in any form is foreign)...it makes me laugh, and midly annoyed.

I got to work this morning and the high school is in a realitive frenzy over the weather. GOOD GRIEF! It's not even that bad! Its kinda cold, there may be a little ice here or there, but let's not go buck wild over it!

Anyway, that's pretty much what the goings on have been like as of the last two days. Havent been doing particularly much at work ( read: nothing). I need some sort of a "boost" I think as far as what needs to be done. *sigh* Since i feel there is, in fact, NOT much to be done.

So, hey, here's some totally exciting news...My mother and grandmother where on the FRONT PAGE of the paper this morning!!! Hahahaha! When I saw it I burst out laughing!! I dont know when it was that I developed a sort of twisted delight in my small town life...but I really DO love what is considered FRONT PAGE NEWS around here. Although, I do give major props to the photographer for creating "atmosphere" and a look of "drama"...both things that I feel were decidedly missing from the actual event. ;-)

I am looking forward to my lunch break where I plan to go home, eat leftover pizza and watch the first season of Melrose Place. Yes, friends...I have sunk that low. And I'm not even ashamed in the least. ;-)


Trinity said...

Here's something for the bored . . . read the article about the fire and see how many typos you can find! No wonder we call it the Daily Senile!

Trinity said...

Actually, you just have to go through the captions of the photos to find plenty.

Anonymous said...

ok, so I looked online and there is o picture of your sweet mama!! so, what's the story?? what kind of drama was dreamed up? Etc. Aunty D

carmi said...

HEy...what the freak happened to your blog? I like it. But...your blog has always been blue and red...(I think thats what it was). SO anyway...that article CRACKS ME UP..."sips from a styrofoam cup", that journalist sounds like he/she REALLY wants to write a novel...but is stuck at the Daily Sentinel writing about small fires that cause a sprinkler to cause a small flood.


carmi said...