January 08, 2007


I just spent the last hour reading haloscan forums trying to figure out a way to get my commenting feature back on my blog. blasted all...
its just no good! So, until some uber computer nerd ( said with love) figures out a way to bypass the system, I am forced to have boring comments.

I am very upset, mostly with myself for being SO RASH and getting a new template in the first place.

Should have known better....such things never turn out.

Just had beans and rice for dinner....took me back to my childhood I tell you. ;-)


Sam said...

Hey, rashy, it's the Mumbler here. If you can hold on for a fortnight, I could try and help you then. As long as you never ever call me an uber computer nerd.


Nam said...

I think you have to go to "Installation" section first. Click all the options that apply to you. Then you should be fine. If they give u the code then just cut and paste the code in its right places (they will tell you where) then your haloscan will be back. You can try that and if it doesn't work, I know Sam will come to your rescue. :-D